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Why SEO is even more important during and after the Recession

As we all are aware of what SEO (search engine optimization) – it is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic. It provides exposure to your brand, through non-paid search engine results, also called organic methods. SEO is connected more to people instead of search engines. It is about knowing what people are searching for, keywords used by them and the type of content they are looking for. This will make you know about the people who are using or searching for the type of business solution you provide. SEO will always have its importance in the marketing strategy. 

As we are aware the market is always fluctuating. There will be a rise and fall both. Even when the economy is at its worst, it’s still a viable option to help your company grow. The growth rate will surely get affected but it will never decline. SEO is the most affordable and profitable marketing tool even when the economy is at its worst. SEO is always a viable option to make your company grow.

According to a recent World Bank statement, the global economy which is already in recession is expected to shrink by 5.2% this year (2020) due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures implemented across different countries. Both developing and developed countries have been affected and businesses associated with global trade, commodity exports, tourism and external financing will be hit the most. Social distancing and increasing importance of digital translates into business opportunities shifting to online channels. Whether your business belongs to an industry which is severely hit by the recession or whether it is unaffected, matter of survival or reaping in profitable opportunities will depend on your digital presence.

Let us have a look at why SEO is more important even during and after the recession.

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  1. Cost Efficient: When compared to other marketing strategies like advertising SEO will cost nothing to you. SEO is cost-effective as it is a persistent marketing strategy independent of circumstances. SEO optimization will provide you a great number of leads. You need to have good and qualified traffic through search engines to your sites. No matter what people are always searching for industries and businesses hence whether it is a recession or inflation your SEO should be good.
  2. Strengthen Website: If you are a small business you need to have long keywords targeted to your location and industry, a regular customer base will maintain your brand in the market. If you are a small or even middle sized business, big companies won’t let you be on top. The competition increases further and hence you need to have a good site. In the time of crisis, people spent more time on the internet searching for things. For that time your search engine rank should be good.
  3. Google recognition: While doing SEO your are helping google and other search engines. You are making them aware that you are running a website that is trustworthy. Search engines will rank you better than your competitors. Promoting your business on social media can really help you defeat your competitors as they will always try to make it hard to hold a good search engine rank.

“Recession is not a time for a business to go into a shell and poke out your head every few days to see if the sun has come out.”

SEO is much more than just ranking for sales related keywords but rather, as creating content that keeps potential clients engaged through the crisis. After the crisis or recession is over you have to grab a position in the market. SEO doesn’t work like a magic wand it needs time and effort to show results. Sometimes you have to compromise with the present percentage of profit to achieve long term profits.

People who are smart will try to adopt all the measures that can lead to the growth of the company. No one will stop buying things and businesses will go on however the pace may be slow. 

List of advice for those who won’t be able to cope up with marketing strategies load at the time of crisis :

  • Invest in SEO by cutting off the cost of some advertisements.
  • SEO and inbound marketing are helpful in long runs and they should never be neglected.
  • As other businesses will slow down the work you will have a chance to improve your rank.
  • Be updated with the latest trends and keywords.
  • Use social media to reach the audience by posting important information. Videos and Infographics can be very helpful. Try to acquire as much traffic as you can.
  • Do research for creating new and fresh content.
  • Make attractive landing pages to increase site traffic.

Utilize the time in which others were panicking and doing nothing. Eventually everything gets to normal after a while. The recession period will too teach you some business essentials. Don’t give up on SEO as you have invested a great amount to have the results.



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