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What is Grey Hat SEO?


Grey Hat SEO uses tactics/techniques that are ill-defined by Google’s published rules and for which reasonable individuals might differ on how the methods complement or contradict the spirit of Google’s stated rules.

It is what it sounds like. It’s a technique that’s halfway between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, yet it may still be effective when utilized by a professional. Although such tactics may be hazardous, they may provide fantastic results if you perform them correctly.

Taking a grey hat approach is playing with fire if you’re not 100 percent confident of what you’re doing, and since we’re mostly content-driven today, it is not recommended.

So, here are the top five Grey Hat SEO techniques for increasing search traffic to your website without further ado.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Domain Grabbing

The term “Domain Grabbing” refers to the registration or reservation of many domains to maximize profit. These are usually generic domains, but they can also be protected by corporate, brand, and product names registered as top-level domains. It’s also known as cybersquatting.

Purchasing expired domains to increase your website’s backlink profile is one of the most popular SEO strategies utilized by many individuals worldwide.

Purchasing a domain directly from the owner before it expires is the more SEO-friendly option (which costs considerably more). You’ll need to save all the registrant information and have an external legal contract proving you own the site to avoid being identified and maybe sandboxed by Google.

  1. Increasing the average length of the old content

The majority of people are unaware that long content is the most effective way to increase search engine traffic.

One of the most effective methods for increasing organic traffic is to add additional content to your blog entries and website content.

The following are some of the advantages of longer content:

  • You can approach other bloggers to promote your material
  • You can get more backlinks from a longer content pose
  • Longer content will receive more social shares and reach
  1. Buying Followers and Automating Social Media

Every day, social media marketing channels get more difficult, with each having its own set of peculiarities and laws.

An up-to-date social management system with Social Media Automation incorporated might quadruple the impact of any efforts to improve search engine rank, promote corporate appeal, and drive traffic to your website when used correctly. 

Some apps automatically follow and unfollow 1000s of social media people without you lifting a finger may be had for a very little sum of money. However, such apps may get you in trouble and hence is a grey hat technique for SEO

  1. Web 2.0 for link building

Web 1.0 (the first version of the internet) mostly utilized static sites with no user control over the information. Web 2.0 (the second generation) is characterized by dynamic information that allows users to modify the material to improve it.

People mostly utilize web 2.0 to develop links. Although most of the connections you acquire from web 2.0 are nofollow, they are still significant since you need various links to create your backlink profile because you can’t just develop dofollow links. A few web 2.0 sites and blog directories provide prospective dofollow connections, which are ideal for increasing traffic.

Because users may develop, change, and update information utilizing Web 2.0 directories, submission sites, and forums, it falls under grey hat SEO tactics.

  1. Building microsites

A microsite is a single web page or a small group of web pages that serve as a standalone entity for a company. Microsites are usually hosted on their domain; however, some are hosted on a subdomain.

The purpose of your microsite will determine whether or not you should launch one. A microsite is appropriate in some situations, such as when a site is created to support a brand extension of a parent company or when a company is hosting a special event or promotion.

Study successful microsites to learn how they run and perform well in search engines before you start constructing microsites to gain more links and traffic to your core website.


There are no hard and fast guidelines for how to rank a website on Google. Some SEO firms employ grey hat strategies, while others employ white hat strategies.

However, it’s always best to concentrate on strategies that won’t get you punished by Google’s algorithms. That is the only method to improve your ranks over time. While a grey hat may get you some traffic at first, it won’t last long, especially if you get caught. Contact us at majorbrains – Best SEO Company in Pune 





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