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Types of Search Engine Optimization


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a broad term that encompasses a variety of techniques. The purpose of all SEO types is to improve a website’s exposure in search engines.

In today’s world, Search Engine Optimization is a must-have for any business. Every day, people undertake millions of searches to find out what they want. With less time on their hands, people are more inclined to click on the first page of a search engine’s results.

As a result, SEO is critical to reaching the largest possible audience.

In this essay, you’ll learn about the many types of SEO and which SEO tactics are appropriate for each.

Types of Search Engine Optimization

  1. White Hat SEO:

All optimization approaches that follow Google’s search engine standards are referred to as White-Hat SEO. Although results take time to observe, they are long-term and generate true goodwill for your company. Furthermore, if Google’s algorithm changes, your site will not be blocked or pushed down in the search results.

Overall, if done correctly, white-hat SEO is low-risk and high-reward. Authoring helpful and relevant material after conducting significant keyword research, obtaining links from high-authority sites based on the worth of your on-page material, and so on are examples of white-hat SEO tactics.

  1. Black Hat SEO

Black-hat SEO is the polar opposite of white-hat SEO in that it seeks for and exploits any flaws or vulnerabilities in Google’s search algorithm to rank higher in the SERPs. It ignores the search engines’ list of SEO dos and don’ts and uses spammy or sponsored link-building techniques, keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc.

Black-hat SEO can get your site blacklisted or its rankings to drop, so it is best avoided. Besides, these high-risk SEO techniques give you only short-lived results.

  1. Grey Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is the use of methods/techniques that are ill-defined by Google’s published rules and for which reasonable individuals might differ on how the methods support or contradict the spirit of Google’s stated principles.

Gray Hat SEO is a riskier SEO technique than White Hat SEO, but it might lead to your site being blacklisted from search engines and their affiliate sites. In addition, because the terms of service governing the issue are ambiguous, Gray Hat SEO methods do not fall in either the Black Hat or White Hat categories.

  1. Off-Page SEO

Everything that occurs outside of your website is referred to as off-page SEO. Link building, social networking, and local SEO are all examples of Off-Page SEO. In other words, driving visitors to your website and making your company look like a genuine article.

Even though search algorithms and ranking variables are continually evolving, the SEO industry agrees that the relevance, trustworthiness, and authority that excellent off-page SEO provides to a website still significantly influence a page’s ability to rank.

  1. Local SEO

The technique of ‘optimising’ your online presence to generate more business from relevant local searches is known as local SEO. Google and other search engines are used for these queries.

Google has an estimated market share of 87% (in the US, at least). As a result, the majority of people use Google to find local companies. Hence this technique plays an important role.

  1. On-Page SEO

This is certainly the type of SEO you’re acquainted with. Your readers will view all of the elements when they visit your website included in on-page SEO. That, for the most part, entails content.

High-quality, useful content is the foundation of effective on-page SEO. And not simply tangentially informative—ranking-worthy material must solve problems that no other site is addressing.

  1. Technical SEO

Although some consider technical SEO to be a component of on-page SEO, it is a bit separate. In a nutshell, technical SEO is concerned with things behind the scenes and is connected to on-page characteristics.

Improving the design of your website, Page loading speed, securing the website and optimizing images with HTTPS connection, caching information to increase website speed, etc. are all examples of technical SEO

Although technical SEO may appear daunting, it is mostly guided by the same principles as on-page SEO: you must give a positive user experience.

  1. Negative SEO

Negative SEO is any harmful tactic intended at damaging a competitor’s website’s search rankings. Because of its infamous character, this is sometimes referred to as “black hat SEO.”

Examples of Negative SEO are:

  • Hacking a website
  • Creating Toxic Backlinks
  • Scrapping a website content and replacing it with duplicate content
  • Posting fake reviews about the website


What’s crucial to remember is that these SEO types aren’t separate processes; they’re simply a technique of breaking down a complex process into smaller, easier-to-manage activities. While Doing Search Engine Optimization for the website, all these SEO techniques are considered. To discuss SEO can help your business, click here.



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