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Majorbrains is one of the leading Software testing and QA service providers in India. We believe in delivering high-quality testing services for websites, apps and desktop applications by using agile methodologies.

Our Quality Assurance will allow you better control over the quality of the application, we will make sure that your application matches the product’s original requirements and provides valuable insights into end-user impressions of the product.

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Our Testing Services

1) Manual Testing

Our testing team pays high attention to detail and provides you precise, fine-tuned testing. We will thoroughly test your software for bugs and issues to streamline your development process.

2) Unit Testing

It is to be done at the code level by the developer. It is essential because this is performed at the first level of the process and ensures.
There are two types one is manual and the second is the automation.  Automating the process is more efficient as it saves test effort and time.

3) Smoke Testing

It is a prerequisite for a functional tester. Here, our tester or developer does critical functionalities helps us to minimize integration risks and smoke testing improves the overall quality of the system.

4) Functional Testing

Your code must perform as designed by your engineering team and as intended by your marketing team. Functional testing looks at what software is supposed to do and makes sure it actually does that because unexpected or problematic behavior of the software has real business implications. Majorbrain’s functional testing services aim to prevent that outcome by verifying your products’ features work as intended.

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5) Integration Testing

If two or more functions are developed on one page then we use integration testing to ensure if all the functions on the same page are working properly or not.For Example, there are two buttons on the same page like User register and user login so together we run integration testing.

6) Regression Testing

When any modifications are done to the application code it can bring unexpected issues.
It is very important to test whether the existing functionality is intact.
Regression helps in maintaining the quality of the product along with the new changes.

7) Keyword Testing

It is used to perform any action which is 100% automation testing. Keyword testing is scripted at the backend. Sometimes manual testing is performed by us if there is such kind of work which doesn’t involve scripting.

Our QA Process

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