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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves promoting websites on search engine result pages (SERPs) through paid search. Search Engine Marketing can enhance your brand visibility and awareness to drive more traffic to your website. SEM involves a combination of Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) technique that work in tandem to help you achieve better search results for your website in a shorter duration of time. As one of the Top SEM companies in Pune, Chicago, Illinois, Iowa, and Quad Cities, we build strategies to boost visibility of your business and drive maximum conversions.

Users see paid search results before organic search results and PPC ads provide you with more exposure as well as the opportunity to control how you want your marketing communication to be presented. We provide comprehensive and customized ppc services in Pune by incorporating specific call-to-actions, bullet points and other aspects in your search ads that make you stand out and generate better click-through. We are a trusted SEM company in India known for our ROI driven approach and effective strategies.

What make MajorBrains one of the best Search Engine Marketing in Pune

Major-brains aims to establish and evolve our client’s businesses through internet marketing which includes various strategies and promotions for building a website’s reputation. As the best ppc company in India, we believe in enthralling our clients with our ultimate marketing strategies by  maximizing the search engine visibility on search engine results pages.

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SEM ensures that your target audience can view your business when they are actively searching for the products or services you offer. SEM helps you get faster results, especially if your industry is very competitive. Moreover, if your business is new and has little or no presence, SEM can help your website gain required visibility and traffic. As a leading ppc agency in India, we will ensure that your website unlocks its tremendous potential and accelerate your business growth.

SEM helps you get faster results, especially if your industry is very competitive. Moreover, if your business is new and has little or no presence, SEM can help your website gain required visibility and traffic.  We provide the best ppc services in India where we bid strategically for your company's ads so that it can be displayed at the top of search results and bolster growth for your business.

SEO is applying best practices to your websites including friendly navigation, faster loading pages and high quality content to get organic search results. SEO takes time but you pay nothing for it.

SMM involves paid online advertising and thus, it is done using the Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy to drive more traffic for your business. SMM results are immediate but you pay each time the user clicks on the Ad extension.

MajorBrains, being an experienced sem agency in Pune believes that both SEO and SEM are crucial for your website and thus, we offer a strategic solution to improving search results by providing SEO, SEM and PPC management services in India

As a leading SEM company in Pune, we offer various SEM/PPC services including Google ads campaigns, Bing Ads, PPD and Bid management, remarketing campaigns and display ad marketing.

If you are clear on your business goals and estimated the number of leads you are aiming through PPC, as an experienced ppc agency in Pune, we help you determine your bid points strategically. We do so by analysing performing keyword research and focussing on targeting to improve relevance of the ad. By partnering with the best ppc company in Pune, You can generate more traffic to your website even with a limited budget, by placing a higher bid than the competitors in the products that are your best offerings

Product Listing Ads or shopping ads are paid advertisements that are displayed with images and real-time price information making the users more likely to visit your website. MajorBrains’s expertise built on years of experience as a ppc company in Pune, can help retailers or ecommerce websites make their product listing ads more attractive and actionable leading to more customers on your website.

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Our team of marketing experts has worked with top-tier companies across the globe helping them achieve their globes in a sustainable and scalable way.

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We are a company that believes in having a growth mindset. Point us to a challenge and we will provide you with a solution.

We don’t just execute, we come up with ideas

We proactively come up with new strategies for you to build more revenue on top of our existing growth strategies.

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