Welcome To MajorBrains

About Us

MajorBrains is an IT services company that dreamt the unconventional & promised to bring it forward for all customers. Established in 2009, our Team has grown to more than 30 Team members on board with core values of professionalism & customer centricity.

Operating from Pune & Illinois, MajorBrains is aiming at our fundamental goal of holistic growth of all stakeholders. Our ultimate dream is to acquire an international growth faster than any fellow Web Services firm & provide better & effectively reformed solutions with every step that we expand.

Our Approach

Driven by the core objectives of providing quality Web based services encompassing technological, marketing & creative, including comprehensive content, highly functional & unique website designs, & your entire Social Media Operations along with Search Engine Optimization solutions to boost your web presence, we promise to deliver effective & exclusive solutions despite pressing deadlines & within a strict budget; we are a company with an intention to bring high quality IT services at affordable costs.

Our Team

We at MajorBrains are a Team of qualified experts who strive to constantly improve & advance efforts that aim at delivering latest services, cutting edge technology solutions & an edge over most ROIs that any other firm in a similar domain would offer.